Buck's Bullies and Bassets
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Charles "Buck" & Sandy Childress
Buck and I were born and raised in the same county (Edmonson) that we still live
in.  We have been married to each other since 1979. We have one son, Scooter,
and one grandson, Doc. As you can tell we are big on nicknames...mine is Weez,
but most people call me Sandy.

Our English bulldogs and bassets are all AKC registered and come with full
registration.  That means that you have the right to breed with he or she if you
choose to. This does not mean that all will be breeders, but most likely they will be.

Copper, the basset in the pictures to the left, was and will always be the one who
stole my heart.  When he died in 2010, he died in my arms. He is buried beside my
house.  I had him a tombstone fixed with his picture and the words COPPER, Best
Buddy and Pal.  We will forever miss him.  
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Buck's Bullies & Bassets
Buck's Bullies & Bassets
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If you love your dog a
tenth as much as I
loved/love this dog
(Copper), you have a
very great love.  Sandy
Copper loved us as much
as we loved him
Copper waiting to be hoisted
up on the couch.  He wasn't a
Copper loved us....We loved
Willie,   Full chocolate and carries blue  
b/b D/d
Angus... Champion
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Copper:  Born: 12-6-1999  Died: 06-01-2010
Hank, my black
and tan male
Fitz  Full chocolate   b/b  Now offering
for sale $2300
Shelly Ann has
basset pups by
Hank. 10 pups.  
 May 28,
Two pages
of Pics